Chenrezig Compassion Practice
In his great compassion, the Buddha emanated as Chenrezig, a form of the bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara. Practices such as the Chenrezig sadhana can be approached by someone leading an ordinary life, and the Chenrezig meditation is uncommon both in the ease of its performance and the blessing that it bestows. Giving up the ordinary activities of the mundane world to devote ourselves to spiritual practice alone would create an ideal condition for inner growth; however, this is possible for very few individuals. For the rest of us who must juggle work, family, friends, and deal with all kinds of emotions, ways to [...]
Tara Practices
Tara is considered the mother of all Buddhas. She represents the enlightenment mind and the feminine divine. Reciting Tara prayers and mantra is meant to remove obstacles one may encounter in this life, such as fears and illnesses, as well as removing inner obstacles to the realization of emptiness and interdependence, to go beyond one’s common experience of duality. These contemplations and meditations are part of creation and completion processes found in Buddhist practices that train our mind to maintain a state of mindfulness and awareness, meditative stability, aimed at cultivating loving kindness and wisdom or discriminating awareness Green Tara [...]