Chenrezig Compassion Practice
In his great compassion, the Buddha emanated as Chenrezig, a form of the bodhisattva
Avalokiteshvara. Practices such as the Chenrezig sadhana can be approached by someone leading an
ordinary life, and the Chenrezig meditation is uncommon both in the ease of its performance and the blessing that it bestows.
Giving up the ordinary activities of the mundane world to devote ourselves to spiritual practice
alone would create an ideal condition for inner growth; however, this is possible for very few
For the rest of us who must juggle work, family, friends, and deal with all kinds of emotions,
ways to integrate our spiritual practice into daily life are much needed.

Oṃ Mani Padme Hūṃ

Luckily, Chenrezig is the Mahayana and Vajrayana essential practice. It is very effective to new
practitioners, opening their hearts to the path of liberation.
Also, this practice is very helpful for someone who has been practicing a long time, yet has lots of obstacles that they are encountering on the path. This practice is also for someone who is a more advanced practitioner; this will lead deeper to the heart essence of the Buddhist path.